Weekend Plans

We have a busy weekend ahead with baseball, birthday parties and a play.  I'm taking a weaving course at my friend Marie's, Handcraft Studio.  I'm sure some weaving will be for sale in my shop soon.  Bijou and I get to have our girl date this weekend, having breakfast with friends.  I always enjoy one on one time with her.  On Saturday night, we celebrate a friend's 40th with dinner at Ippuku, a restaurant who's specialty includes raw chicken.  I can't do it but the roasted avocado they serve is also super tasty.  On Sunday, we are going to the Treasure Island flea market which I am scouting out as a maker and shopping for a desk for my home studio.  Have you been?  Lucky for Bonnie, the event is dog friendly so she gets to come too.  What are your weekend plans?

Handcraft Studio School

Three Little Birds at Bay Area Children's Theater

Treasure Island Flea Market