Somethin' to pray about

Sweet B had the most unfortunate situation this week.  Following a simple dental procedure, she bit her tongue.  And that's an understatement.  It would be more accurate to say she gnawed a chunk of it off.  We quickly tried to remedy the situation so it wouldn't affect her stage debut in the play Annie tonight.  At first we tried an over the counter product with no success.  Then we went the Chinese medicine route and put watermelon frost on it (thanks Kate!).  Then we just gave it time.  Then we made a surprise trip back to the dentist where it was decided that antibiotics would be needed.  In the meantime, she hardly drank or ate anything and was starting to look pale and downright sick.  Now I'm not much of a prayer but in a final attempt to get the child to speak again, I took her to church.  Not just any church, but the BEST one.

Glide Memorial Church, San Francisco

I'm happy to report that she made a full recovery, just in time for opening night.  Break a leg B!