The New Bucket List

I'm not much of a goal setter or a resolution keeper but I do love a good bucket list.  Living abroad has been at the top and sometimes the only item on my list for the past 10 years.  Now that we are back home, it's time for a new list.  I've included things I can tackle in a day and things that might take months to plan.  Here it is:


1.  Build my Picnic shop
Buy a bike & build up the stamina to ride the thing (we live in the hills)
Take a California Road trip 
Donate blood  (this might seem small but it is kind of a big one for me, as I'm the type who needs to lay down and sip juice boxes for 30 minutes after a simple pregnancy-related blood draw. I hope I don't faint if they take a whole pint)
5.  G
et on the bone marrow registry (Inspired by a little boy who lives near us and has leukemia and is desperately seeking a match)
6.  S
ponsor a child 
Visit all of our national monuments, living abroad has made me feel more American
Rent an RV and drive across the country through the south
Complete a 365 project or at least a 52 project
Take the kids to NYC
Go to a Dude Ranch
Take Surf lessons with Bijou
Do a yoga retreat at Esalen
14.  Vacation in
 Todos Santos, Mexico

What's at the top of your bucket list?  I love watching people follow their dreams, tackle challenges, inspire others and conquer fears.