Cookbook Roundup

Summer inspires me to eat right and to celebrate healthful eating, here is a list of cookbooks to inspire such endeavors. 

Side Note:  I've mentioned here before that my kids can be picky eaters.  I've recently discovered a few new tricks that I thought I should share because they might help you too.  My kids don't typically eat veggies at dinner unless it's salad.  So then one night I had a thought, maybe they just don't want their veggies cooked.  Viola! Indeed, my inkling was right.  It turns out they like the crunch in their veg and will only eat them raw.  Works for me!  Another thing I've started, the assembly bar at every meal.  Separate the ingredients for them to assemble on their plate themselves.  This gives them a little control, which they love, and prevents you from cooking a separate meal.  Taco bar, pasta bar, soup bar...

Vibrant Food

It's All Good

The Forest Feast
The Smitten Kitchen cookbook
Sprouted Kitchen cookbook