Au Revoir- 100 Things we'll miss

We fly home to San Francisco tomorrow and it feels just as weird leaving France, our new home, as it did leaving San Francisco one year ago.  It's been an amazing experience and we will definitely be back but we are homesick too and ready to come home.

french countryside

Over the past few weeks, I have been compiling a list of 100 things we will miss about France.  Here it is, in no particular order:

1. Then sound of rain drops coming in my bedroom fireplace when it rains
2. Driving on country roads
3. No traffic
4. No stop lights 
5. Roundabouts
6. Slow pace
7. Slow food
8. Long school days (till 4:30pm)
9. Late school start (9am)
10. School provided lunches
11.  Doctor visits at home 
12. French pharmacies
13. Having a pool
14. 2 kisses
15. The wine, really good, really cheap
16. The bread
17. The cheese
18. The striped beach cabanas on the beach
19. Stone houses with shutters
20. High speed trains
21. An abundance of discount airlines
22. The safety of Villebois Lavalette, a nice change to needing a house alarm and people sideswiping our car in front of our house without leaving a note
23. Having real seasons
24.  Enough sun in yard to grow a successful veggie garden 
25. Hanging clothes on the line
26. No judgement from other parents
27. Drivers who use blinkers
28.  The left lane used just for passing
29. Organ grinders 
30.  Accordion players
31.  Loooooong summer days, light till 10:00pm
32. The frogs, lizards, bees, butterflies, bunnies, birds and deer we see daily
33. People shopping with their wicker baskets at the supermarket
34.  The Riberac market
35.  Paris 
36.  Bordeaux
37.  Free community events
38.  The big kids being great caregivers to the little ones
39.  No worries about school shootings
40. Sunrises
41. Sunsets
42. The white sand beaches of the Bassin d'Arachon
43. Being a drive away from San Sebastián 
44. The mini soccer field in Villebois-Lavalette
45. Cupcakes in Aubeterre
46. The brasserie in Aubeterre
47.  The frites from the food truck in Villebois-Lavalette
48. The foie gras stuffed dates from the Riberac market
49.  The neighbors cows mooing and sheep baaing
50. Watching the baby sheep pester the adult sheep all day across the field in the neighbors garden
51. Running along D143
52. Vintage Citroens
53. Listening to Bijou speak French during play dates 
52. Emma, Matthew, Poppy, Tracy, Dave, Ella, Becky, Emma, Claire, Floriane, Thaïs, Nelly, Pascal, Paul, Adan, Thierry, Aurélie 
53.  French roses
54. The walnut tree
55. The fig tree
56. The apple tree
57.  Having the time to catch up on Homeland, Girls and Breaking Bad
58.  The horse stable
59. The river in Aubeterre
60. The boys calling me "Maman" 
61. Bijou's classroom with high ceilings and arched windows
62.  Walking in the forest
63.  Hiking to the pond to throw rocks
64. Watching the boys wave to the farmers plowing their fields
65. Châteaux and castles
66. The plentiful picnic areas
67. Rain, sun, rain, sun patterns
68. The architecture dating back a thousand years
69. Wildflowers
70. The hunters, just because they are cool looking with the dogs, guns and camo
71.  The peony bush off the patio
72.  Jane's cookbook collection
73. Lunch dates with Doug
74. Having Doug's help with the kids 24/7
75.  Cobblestone streets
76. A little cookie or chocolate served with your espresso
77. The cafe blankets on cold days
78. The farmers market in Bordeaux
79. European street art
80. The selection of scarves, stripes and baskets you can buy everywhere
81. Men in scarves and babies in scarves
82.  The splash pad in Bordeaux
83. Free bag day at the Super U
84. Sunflower fields
85. Thunder and Lightning
86.  A reason to chronicle our life daily
87.  Having an air conditioner on really hot days
88.  Seeing the view in the above photo every day
89.  Having a long driveway
90.  The worn out painted signs on buildings
91.  The roller slide at Happyland
92.  Free bonbons at Kizou
93.  The zipline at the park in Cognac
94.  Strawberries from Nelly's neighbors garden (the best I've ever had in my life, sorry Watsonville)
95.  Feeling inspired to take photos daily
96.  The marionette theater in Aubeterre
97.  The peach, plum and apricot trees
98.  The pain aux chocolat, pain aux raisin and baguette tradition from the boulangerie in Montmoreau
99.  Raging wood burning fires on rainy days
100.  The yogurt from the dairy farm in Blanzaguet