The Stockholm Guide

Sometimes, the girls just need to get away.  I had promised Bijou a girl's trip this year which we had originally hoped to do a trip to Marrakech.  However, after a bit more research, I decided it wasn't safe enough to travel there with just her and I.  I regrettably had used my scare tactic parenting approach with my fearless (or so I thought) child and told her she'd need to hold my hand in the crowded medina or somebody my try to snatch her for ransom money.  Well, that one spiraled into a month long saga of restless sleep and nightly rituals of checking that the doors and windows were locked multiple times.  I make bad choices sometimes.

In the end, sweet and sunny, friendly and safe Stockholm was decided upon as our destination.  I had brought with me an old Anthology Magazine article on Stockholm written by my career-crush Scandinavian, Lotta Jansdotter.  Her style is lovely and I had a feeling we'd like what she'd like.  The icing on the cake was that my brother, whom I had not seen in a long time and is currently living in Norway, was coming to meet us for a three day weekend.

Our apartment was lovely and in a great little neighborhood near Mariatorget station in Sodermalm.  You can find it on AirBnB here.

Gamla Stan is a small island in Stockholm that can be reached by foot by crossing one of the bridges or by subway or ferry.  It's the "old town" with cobblestone streets, medieval alleyways and archaic architecture.  Warning: It's quite touristy so it's best to go in the morning, snap a few photos and then get the heck outta there before the tourist buses show up.

The museums are plentiful, so we had to be selective for our short trip.  We decided on the Vasa Museum, housing the incredible warship built in 1626-1628.  It sunk immediately after it was set on it's maiden voyage in 1628.  It remained at the bottom of the harbor in Stockholm until 1961 when it was finally brought to the surface and restored.  After the museum we hit up a waffle cart for a bunch of waffles with cream and cloudberries. Yum!

Fotografiska- my favorite, a photography museum, gave me quite a bit of inspiration for a beach party I am hosting this summer for Eero and Wilder's 4th birthday.

Moderna Museet, the modern art museum, did not disappoint, nor did it's cafe with it's beautiful views of the harbor. 

Rosendals Tradgard gardens and cafe are quite lovely on a warm day.  It requires a 30-40 minute walk from the nearest metro stop at Karlaplan but it's flat and easy for kids.  It's an organic garden, open to the public, and is the perfect spot for a picnic or a place to grab lunch at their delicious cafe. 

We squeezed in a 1/2 day of shopping before Bijou's feet got tired from walking.  What girl's trip is complete without shopping?  My favorite shop was Afro Art, conveniently located just a block from our apartment.  Another fave was the wooden clog selection at Zoe, also conveniently located next door to our apartment and the neighborhood of SOFO, which includes the fashion and interiors at Grandpa.