Color Inspiration + Party Invites

"Home" has been a hot topic in our house lately.  Bijou fantasizes about which friend she will have over for a sleepover first and which show she will stream over Netflix (no Netflix in France).  The boys fondly remember their toys back home and have been talking about riding their bikes and having their summer birthday at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.  Doug misses our house and as much as he gripes about those oak leaves, I'm sure he will be announcing our return to the neighbors with his leaf blower.  I've been planning a lady date in my head with my friends and trying to decide which Mexican food restaurant we should gather at.  Now that the weather has been lovely again in the french countryside, the days seem to be passing quickly and July (when we fly home) will be here before we know it.

Bijou and I have been doodling up a storm since our Lisa Congdon Creative Bug class ended.  Sometimes Eero joins in and although his drawings are abstract, his art titles can be quite detailed and often show off his French flair.  For example, one piece he made the other day he titled, "Boy in Bordeaux on a boat in the river."  He also likes to showcase the alphabet by simply drawing just one letter on a page.  My favorite was his work titled, "Just G."

Bijou totally has the drawing bug and the image of her in the yard with her sketch book the other day will forever be burned into my memory.  For now, she likes to look at an object and draw it.  Her flowers are quite incredible.  As are her geometric drawings in white ink on black paper.

Indulging the boys in their dream for a birthday at the boardwalk, I hand drew some invitations today using a photo I took at the horse stable as color inspiration.  We like to keep the birthday parties on the small side so hand drawing the invitations was feasible.  I so often feel I could benefit from knowing a thing or two about graphic design but for now, the old pen and paper will have to do.