A Tassel Necklace

We are spending part of spring break in San Sebastian.  I've never been and am super excited for our first trip to Spain.  I'm hoping it's warm enough for shorts and straw fedoras.  Rain or shine, this tassel necklace I made this week will be a nice accessory for the trip. 

To Make:

Wrap embroidery thread in various colors around a piece of cardboard.  Slide the thread off the cardboard and tie in the center with a 6" long piece of string and a double knot (I used black thread, see photo).  Using another 6" piece of string, tie around all of the tread to make the top of the tassel (I used pink for this step, see photo) and trim the extra thread off.  Use scissors to cut the loops in the string to make the fringe.

You could use the tassels to decorate an Easter basket, adorn the top of a gift, tie onto the corners of a pillow, or make a necklace.

To make a necklace:

Tie the black thread onto a jewelry jump ring with a double knot and trim off the extra string.  I used a larger jump ring that could slide onto a thin chain.  String some large beads onto either side of the tassel to add some balance.  I used 12 gold geometric beads on either side of the tassel.  Make sure the beads you buy have a hole large enough for the chain.  I made my necklace long enough that I could pull it over my head to put it on to avoid having to add a proper clasp.  To attach the two ends of chain to one another, open one of the chain links with jewelry pliers and attach the two ends and pinch the link back together.