Multicolor Pom-Pom Hat

I have learned how to knit hats since living in France by simply watching YouTube video tutorials. I sit at the computer with yarn and needles in hand and pause the video every few seconds to make sure I have it figured out before the next step.  My first hat was a total flop because It didn't have a ribbed border so it would just roll up along the edges and was a little too small in the end.  The second hat, too big. The third hat, pretty perfect except the pom pom is dangling from a little thread on the top after some use.  Fourth hat, too small so I'm giving it to a younger relative. Fifth hat, good although I didn't tie the yarn correctly when I joined yarn so after some use it became untied, creating a hole, but I managed to salvage the hat anyway.  My point is... it takes some practice.  For now, I am no expert but I find it fun and totally meditative. You might too.

The Needles: Size 8, 16" circular needles

The Pattern: Cast on 68 stitches, k2 p2 until it is 3" tall.  Switch yarn (see video below) and knit 4 more inches onto your hat.  Begin to decrease stitches to finish up the top of your hat. 


Making multicolor pom-poms here.

Joining yarn in a knitting project can be found here.  If you don't join the yarn correctly you risk having the knot come undone and project will begin to unravel.

Finishing off a hat here