A Seed Infinity Scarf

I'm so thankful to all the crafters and knitters out there that take the time to put out tutorials and videos teaching their craft to others for free via their website or YouTube.  It's been especially fun ease dropping on Bijou watching Rainbow Loom tutorials on YouTube.  Often times, the instructor is a 10-year-old girl sitting in her bedroom looming and making videos and you can overhear her mom yell for her in the other room or her brother playing video games in the background.   It's all so innocent and sweet but at the same time terrifying that these 10-year-olds are tech savvy enough to do it all themselves. I don't even want to imagine what their 18-year-old selfs might be putting out there.  I digress.

The above scarf is made by knitting and purling and the complete instructions and video tutorials can be found on this great site, Purllin.  It's a great project for a beginner.