One Stitch Cowl Scarf

I've got the knitting bug which perfectly coincides with this cold and wet winter we are having.  I learned how to knit about 10 years ago when someone taught me the garter stitch, which I referred to as the garden stitch for many years until a friend corrected me.  Ooops.  The "garden" stitch is all that is needed for this scarf.

The supply list and pattern can be found on the Purl Bee website here.

I think using a multicolor yarn is a nice way to camouflage the section of the scarf where you change yarns.  It is a project that can be tackled in a weekend since the large needles and bulky yarn make the project move fast.  The Purl Bee post states it can be completed in an afternoon but that was WAY to ambitious for a beginning knitter like myself.

Happy knitting!