A Valentine via Snail Mail

Keeping in touch with friends and family at home has been important to us. I'm thankful for social media and the opportunity to reach most of my friends with just one update.  Bijou has really embraced FaceTime and will often hang out with a friend back home for an hour every weekend.  For me, I've shied away from FaceTime because I get so distracted by the photo of myself in the corner.  Since when do I hang out with my friends and a mirror?  Is there anyway to get rid of that reflection box?

I've also sent some snail mail and I'm hoping I can get Bijou to sit down and send off some snail mail valentines this week.  Unfortunately, writing a postcard or note to a friend feels a little like homework to her so it's tough to get her to participate in the extra credit. I'm hoping to make it feel more like an art activity with these watercolor notecards.