Royan, France

We spent the weekend following Eero and Wilder's third birthday at our nearest seaside town (1-1/2 hours drive) in Royan, France.  It was lovely and quite different than our village.  The architecture is mostly 1960's, boxes with bright color accents and funky railings.  When you drive a few blocks in from the beach the homes were older and looked more Victorian.  The beach was clean and vast and scattered with those darling striped cabanas that scream, quintessential France!   We found a carrousel, they appear in every town we visit, and the kids begged for a ride.  We find it easier to swallow the 6 euro (2 euro x 3) price when they are as darling as this one.

After an afternoon, enjoying the sea, and not so enjoying Eero's mood-swings, we decided to stay the night.  We found a small family style hotel on the beach that had side-by-side rooms to accommodate the 5 of us.  It's impossible to find hotels in France with 2 double beds and a room for a cot.  The rooms are small, as are the beds.  My feet hung off the end, I'm only 5'4"! 

After a nap and a glass of wine, and a game of jump from one bed to the other, we were refreshed and ready to hit the amusement park on the beach and brave our first restaurant outing with the kids in France.  The bowl of mussels Doug ordered were delicious and totally made up for the restaurant shenanigans from the aforementioned child.

The final hour of daylight was spent on the beach, eating lollipops and chasing the waves.