Grow Your Own

It's hard to find organic fruits and veggies around here.  We do most of our shopping at the Super-U and some products are marked Bio (organic) but most produce is not.  The hypochondriac in me cringed when Eero wanted me to buy the non-organic strawberries the other day.  I bought them anyway and then rinsed the hell out of them before I fed them to my kids.  Fortunately, we had 12 empty raised beds at the back of our house calling our name.  Yesterday, with the kids out of school (no school on Wednesdays in France), we planted our early Autumn garden.  We will be growing leeks, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, romaine and butter lettuce, and strawberries!  I can't wait to harvest our own organic veggies.  Grown with love!