La Rochefoucauld

France has the most beautiful castles and chateaus.  We are lucky to live near many of them and after living in France for over two months, it was time to visit our first.  La Rouchfoucauld is a thousand year old castle and was home to the French Queen in the 16th century.  On the day of our visit, part of the castle was closed for a private event (it would be an amazing place for a wedding!) but we had fun visiting the saloon, living room, dining room, servant sleeping quarters and kitchen.  We also ventured down the stairs to the grotto where Bijou took one look into the dark space and said, "I've seen enough, let's go."  It didn't help that they had this dusty old mermaid doll down there for some odd reason.  She was concerned that the long blond wig was real hair.  But who's?!