Tea for Two

There are a lot of British expats in the Dordogne.  Many are raising their children and seeking a slower and simpler life.  We've had the opportunity to meet a few, including the families of Bijou's two best friends this year in third grade.  At first, I had mixed feelings about her becoming friends with the english speakers, but the girls are sweet and friendly and everything I hope for in a friend for Bijou.  It turns out to be a bit of a blessing, she now has the opportunity to learn a lot about English and French cultures.  Tea time, pass the parcel,  "tipples" and "loos"... there are quite a few differences between our cultures.

Immersing ourselves in the British culture here as well, we have become regulars at Cupcakes in Aubeterre for cupcakes and tea on the weekends.  It's refreshing to be in the presence of English for an hour a week and the pumpkin soup there is delicious!