My French Breakfast

At home, I try to have a low carb diet which I am usually pretty successful with until around 5pm each day ;-/  Here is France, a life without bread is simply impossible.  Bread is such a huge part of the culture.  Every village has a boulangerie.  Around here, where the villages are small, it is often a town's only business.  You see people carrying their baguette to work.  Most customers are picking up 3-4 baguettes at a time.  They typically aren't good the next day so I assume that the family is consuming that many.  My kids get bread every day at school, after their course of vegetables are served.  Bijou said that all the kids (including herself) request the heel, "the best part!"  This surprised me a bit since she is a crusts-off kid back at home.

We've adopted the French way and stop at the boulangerie each morning and buy our baguette.  My new favorite breakfast, which I am calling the French breakfast, is the following... 

Baguette, honey and

It is SO good.  I don't imagine this routine will be ending any time soon.