Fall is Here

And just like that summer ended.  It went from being warm pool weather to crisp and drizzly overnight and it makes me a little homesick for that Indian summer I am accustomed to in California.   Fortunately, fall is one of my favorite seasons and now I get 4 months of it instead of just 2!

The winter caps were at the Riberac market this morning and on my walk back to my car I passed a yarn shop.  The first one I have seen in France.  The selection was small but enough to get me through October when I will be catching a flight to the Netherlands and surely find more yarn shops.  In the meantime, we will be cooking soup, sipping hot cocoa and nestling up by the fire.  It will be a tough transition for Eero who has spent the past 3 months nude and outside.  Wilder and Bijou on the other hand, will be delighted that watching movies will be on the weekend itinerary.