Fancy McDonald's

I can't even remember the last time I went to a McDonald's in the US so it was a little strange to find myself suggesting we stop at one last week.  Bijou has seen Food Inc. (the movie) with me and so she was totally mortified, "I'm Not Eating There!"  I reassured her that she could just have fries and a soda and could skip the meat.  The food of course, tasted the same, but the restaurant atmosphere and play structure was nicer than any McDonald's I have ever been too.  Is this McDonald's strategy for switching France's Quick customers over to their US chain?

Oh, croque monsieur and compote (applesauce) were additions to the menu.  As were aioli packets for the fries. Nice!  Can we have that too?

Another surprising highlight of our otherwise routine pitstop... a field of circus animals grazing in the field across the street from the McDonald's!  An ostrich and horse didn't seem too unusual for farm country.  But if you had seen the size of those bull's horns, you may have also wondered about your safety as you stood snapping photos with toddlers at your sides and a thin rope tethering him to something, I assume.