Sarlat, France

We live in a very rural area in the southwest region of France.  Since it is so rural, it is not uncommon for us to drive 2 hours to check out a new village on the weekend.  Our kids have become pretty good car travelers, mostly due to the fact that we bought them iPad minis for the plane ride over here.  Occasionally they bicker with one another about trading iPads or fight over leg room and that is usually our clue we need to stop at the next picnic spot.

A few weeks ago, we drove two hours south to visit Sarlat, "one of the prettiest villages in France."   The town was charming and definitely a place I'd love to go back to at Christmastime.  Every other shop sold foie gras it seemed, so we decided to buy some for the kids to try.  They didn't like it ;-(  A shame!   

Wilder slept in the stroller most of the trip and kind of missed out.  Bijou's highlight was finding a Pinocchio marionette doll I was willing to buy for her and Eero's highlight was sticking his feet into the fountain in the town square.  The trip wold not be complete without a ride or two on the town carousel.  Every town we visit in France seems to have one.