Potty Talk

I bought Bijou a couple of rompers this summer because:

a) they are cute

b) in-style (which meant easy to find on the racks)

c) something she agreed to (she has her own opinions about her own style and we don't always agree). 

She has been rockin' those rompers all summer but we have found ourselves in the unfortunate situation one too many times now when she is wearing her romper and has to use the common public toilet in this region (squatting over a hole). Apologies for the vulgar photo, but can you imagine the skill it requires to fully disrobe all the while trying not to pee on your foot, touch anything, or have your clothing touch anything?! I swear, it's dresses only from here on out.

Oh, and have I mentioned how green they are here? It's impressive. Typically, there are no hand dryers or paper towels in the public restrooms. At the zoo the other day, they had a cloth. I hadn't seen one of those in at least 25 years.