July Fourth Recap

Better late than never, right?  We has a great time with friends this year on the fourth.  One of my favorite things about vacationing in Tahoe, is that so many of our friends from the Bay come up here giving us impromptu play dates all month.  We grilled sausages at a picnic spot in Tahoe Park and enjoyed dusk at the lake before venturing into Tahoe City for the fireworks.


The holiday continued as we traveled south along the west shore to a favorite campground of mine, D.L. Bliss.  On our drive we stopped for lunch at Chambers Landing, Tahoe's oldest bar, and threw rocks in the lake (rather large ones). 


Camping was a short one-nighter.  It was Eero's first time camping and I thought we should see how well he would sleep in a tent before planning a multi-day trip.  It wasn't until we were setting up camp that we realized the cord on our tent poles had deteriorated and one of our tents was useless.  We ended up sleeping in our half dome beach pop-up exposed to the elements.  I was thankful that no bears came into camp and the kids all slept well.   I have heard a few bear horror stories from people camping in this area.  One woman woke up to a bear licking her night cream off her face. Yikes!!! And another who had secured all their food in the bear box but left a big jug of bourbon out, which the bears drank and then went rampaging throughout the campground.  We have even had a couple bear break ins at our cabin where the bears helped themselves to all the syrup, sugar and honey in the pantry.  It's a hungry domesticated bunch in Tahoe.