Life is Better at the Lake

Indeed. Life is better at the lake.  Day one of our month in Tahoe started off right.  Bijou helped Doug whip up a batch of chocolate chip pancakes which we topped with raspberry sauce and blueberries to get into the holiday spirit.  I'm feeling a bit unpatriotic, as our cabin seems to be the only one without an American flag flying off the deck.  Hey, but we've got patriotic pancakes up in here! 

I was thrilled when Bijou wanted to participate in my morning yoga session.  She caught the giggles during our first "Om" but she stuck with it for a full half hour, I would say. 


It's a perfect 80 degrees out, the air smells like pine and the house is showing a bit more patina since last summer, as it always does.   

I'm looking forward to sharing our adventures in the months ahead.