Newspaper Garlands and Ornaments

Continuing with the handmade ornament theme this week, here is an idea that will only take a few minutes to complete.  There are so many fun things you can make with newspaper and this project is so simple but cute.


newspaper (I bought a french paper and liked using the comics and pops of color), small twine, garden wire, scissors

To Make:

Draw a star onto the newspaper and cut it out to use as your guide.  Fold a rectangle of newspaper in half and cut out half a tree along the fold (when you open it up it will be symmetrical).  Use the star and tree patterns to cut out several more.  To make a garland, poke the garden wire (cut approximately 4') through the center of your star shapes and space them out in the way you like.  For the ornaments, make a small slit with scissors near the top of the tree and lace with twine.