Hand-carved Stamp Sets

True to stereotype, my boys are more into building stuff (and knocking it down) than they are into settling into a calm craft project.  I tricked them this morning by having them build a city with some simple building stamps I made for them.  They were into it for about 15 minutes which was the most I can hope for.  I think the big 20 minute attention span mark comes at 4-years-old:-)


linoleum block (I used Speedball brand, you can find these at most art supply stores)

wood carving tools set or linoleum carving tool with various attachments

ink pads

rotary cutter

To Make:

Using a rotary cutter I made simple triangles, squares and rectangles in various shapes.  You can make one deep cut with the rotary cutter and then simply bend and break the linoleum for a clean edge.  You can also use your carving tools to scoop out a design.  Experiment, have fun and keep it simple if it's your first stamp-making project.