My Favorite Things

I'm channeling Oprah today with my very own Favorite Things list.  Perhaps we share some interests and you can pass along this post to your gift-giver.


It can be a challenge finding the ingredients for a Mexican or Thai feast here in the French countryside so we have been sticking with the French cuisine basics which certainly is not a bad thing.


A chunky "statement" ring is a favorite accessory of mine.  I love the gold texture of this particular one.  


I love the bright colors and cotton weave of this Mexican textile.  It brings back memories of my summer spent in Baja.


My obsession with Comté cheese and honey on baguette every morning for breakfast continues.  This sweet jar would make a pretty addition to my kitchen counter.


These très chic sweatpants are perfect for dinner out.  The elastic band waist means you don't need to skip dessert, my favorite part of any meal.  Bijou and I just watched the last season of Project Runway on iTunes and Zac Posen referred to this style of pants as "poopy pants," but so be it.  A saggy crotch is just what's missing from my life.  I'm with Heidi Klum, a fan of the "poopy pants."


This one has been all over the blogs and Pinterest lately.  I'm in love!  A nice addition to your garden or living room.  The best part is that many stores are carrying this chair or similar versions at a reasonable price.