Real Talk

I've been known to post a homemade beauty product recipe on Picnic from time to time so I hope this post is not too big a stretch from what you are used to.

Last week, when Eero climbed into my bed in the middle of the night like always, I noticed he was scratching his head a lot.  A feeling of doom rolled over me and I grabbed my pillow and scooted as far as I could to the other side of the bed.

Sure enough, after a quick surveillance of his head in the morning, it was clear he had lice.  He had two days off of school so we shaved his head, bought the comb and candy and let him eat as much candy as he wanted as he sat crying while we combed his little head. I should mention that he was terrified by the clippers so I had to give him a "shave" with scissors which means instead of looking like a cute little boy with short hair, he looks a bit more like some Soviet war street urchin.  He had it so bad, I'll spare the details, but by evening I decided that using the chemical shampoo before bed was probably the best option.

I really don't want to add to the stereotype that the French aren't big on hygiene with this post because it simply is not true.  However, their attitude towards lice (a.k.a. poux) is pretty laissez-faire.  It's expected that all school age kids get it every year and many parents don't take the treatment process as seriously as we do in the US.  When I shared our household lice invasion with one parent at drop off she laughed and said, "Oh yes lice, what else is there to do in the Charente in the winter but pick bugs out of your kid's hair." Eeek!  When I told Eero's teacher the morning he was back at school, I was prepared to throw my hair in a ponytail, roll up my sleeves and help the teachers check all of the children's heads for lice.  I was surprised when she said, "oh no, we don't check the kids, we send a note home to parents to check over the weekend."  

Now as a preventative measure, I spray this holistic concoction on all three of my kid's heads each day.

2 parts water

1 part almond oil

5 drops eucalyptus oil

5 drops tea tree oil

5 drops lavender oil

5 drops rosemary oil