A Holiday Garland

Our farm and nearby forest is currently supplying us with a bounty of seasonal greens.  Since our front door has glass panes a wreath doesn't work too well so I decided on a green garland over our dining table instead.


Greens, berries, and herbs.  I used rosemary in my bouquets and it makes the room smell really good.

Twine and raffia 

gardening shears

To Make:

Make individual arrangements using an assortment of your clippings.  I started off with just 5 bouquets but decided that it looked better with less space in between bouquets so I added a few more for a total of 9 bouquets.

Wrap the end of the bouquet tightly in raffia and tie in a knot.  Trim the end of the bouquet with gardening shears.

Hang the bouquets onto the twine with another smaller piece of raffia.

Hang the garland from your ceiling or along a wall.