A Gift Guide for the Wee-Ones

I hope I am not too late in sharing my list of favorite things for the kids as I'm sure you have already started and possibly finished your holiday shopping.  If you need any last minute ideas that you could order this weekend online and still have delivered by Christmas, here ya go...


These lightening bolt Shwings will make a perfect addition to your little superhero's sneakers, making them as fast as the speed of light!


What kid is not obsessed with looking at photos of themselves?  Mine certainly are.  A calming go-to activity in my house during the witching hour is watching home movies of them when they were babies.  This personalized game will exercise their brain and be a nice addition to the old memory box.


Glow in the dark pajamas could potentially rile the kids up at bedtime so purchase with caution. I like the simple constellation design and am all for having bedtime be "super duper fun."  It's certainly one of my favorite times of the day as I know I am just minutes away from some me-time.


Mouton (sheep) is part of Eero and Wilder's vocabulary of about 25 french words.  Mostly due to the fact that we see the neighbor's mouton in the field outside our kitchen window every morning and saying, "bonjour," has become a tradition.


This next one is cute, playful and quite functional for our first European winter.  Of course being from Northern California, we do see our fair share of frost back home too.  Every time I meet a new person here in France and we mention that we are from California, they always ask, is it hot there?  The world's perception of California is apparently sun, palm trees, beach and celebrities.


If your kids has been helping with dishes and making their bed this year, maybe they deserve this.?  It has been an awesome babysitter for us while we are traveling but needs some clear boundaries at home.  It's a hot mess in the morning in our house if one of my kid's uncovers an iPad and gets their little brains wrapped up in a game while I'm trying to get them ready for school.  Many tears are shed when I take it away after only 5 minutes of play.  Proceed with caution on this one too....

I will say that you have complete control over what they do on the device and there really are so many wonderfully educational and creative games.  



Bijou was a little late to the game on the American Girl doll craze.  She didn't get her first doll until she was 6 and now at 8-years-old I am desperately holding onto the last couple years she is young enough to be interested in dolls.  I'd takes dolls over boys any day.  Julie, a hippie chick from San Francisco, is my personal fave.  I would have totally rocked this little floral jumpsuit on Haight Street in the 70's.


Tom's is a great socially conscious company I like to support and these heart shoes would be sweet for the next upcoming holiday. 


I love the prints this Spanish company puts out and this gender neutral sweatshirt might be perfect for your music loving kid.