Forest Forage

I live in a country home surrounded by hay fields owned the neighboring farms.  Across the street is a dense forest which I have been advised not to wander into unless I want to be hunted.  Eeek! There are so many hunters around here which I am totally not accustomed to living in Berkeley.  On a side note, I saw two deer in an open field the other day and all I could think was "don't stop little deer, RUN!" 

On my daily walk along the road and forest's edge each day to the bus stop to pick up Bijou I admire the berries and twiggy branches.  With fall here, it seemed like a great time to take a stab at making my first wreath.  I kept it dainty and simple and have enjoyed having it hang on our bedroom door.  The key is to find something with a pliable stem so it is easy to twist and entangle with other branches.  I used a simple bird twine to tie it together at the end.