Amsterdam with Kids- Part 4

Eero and Doug arrived in Amsterdam on the same day I worked up the courage to rent a bike.  Now I know how to ride a bike and all, but I have not had much experience pedaling my kids around.  Plus, this city is congested with bike traffic, very experienced bike traffic, and nobody wears a helmet, even the kids.  However, after a few days navigating the city, I felt I knew my way around pretty good and a trip to Amsterdam would not be complete without a whizz around town on a bike.

The day was particularly special because Eero has been a bit out of control lately.  That is putting it lightly.  The kid is crazy and often has me wondering if he has ADHD or some sort of developmental problem.  He makes loud noise constantly, has a really hard time getting along with Wilder and Bijou and is extremely defiant.  Although, there are a few activities that he finds to be total bliss.  Music is one of them.  Being outside is another.  And now I can add bike riding to his list.  It was a perfectly chill day, just the two of us, whizzing around the city without helmets.  We even had an extremely nice lunch of Dutch apple pancakes at a real restaurant!  Okay, so I did need to allow him to kick off his shoes under the table to be comfortable but other than that, no issues!  Maybe I can rethink those therapy appointments after all.   On top of that, he accompanied me to a yarn shop where he surprised me by acting coy with the saleslady and listened to my instructions of looking but no touching.  All and all, it was a day we both needed to have together.

Our cool pink bike was rented from this awesome shop in Jordaan. 

Our delicious pancakes were enjoyed here...