Paris with Kids- final post

My date with Eero in Paris included a visit to "the bone museum" and the "dead animal place." It was such treat to spend the day with just one kid.  Galeries d'Anatomie comparee et de Paleontologie  was absolutely beautiful and amazing and totally made up for the fact that we did not celebrate Halloween this year for the first time in my 35-years and Eero's 3-years.  We still got our fill of skulls and skeletons.

The Grande Galerie de l'Evolution was equally amazing and kept Eero's interest through the entire four floors of the museum.  What a little trooper he was.

The day was wrapped up with a stop at Le Depanneur for "Mexican" food in a "Big Sur setting" near our apartment in SOPI.  The reclaimed wood tables and succulents were nice but it was the food that we so desperately craved.  At one point, Eero was just eating the salsa fresco by the forkful.  That isn't anything he typically does at home but when you haven't had that flavor combination in a while, it is just that much sweeter.