Paris with Kids- part 2

I was hopeful for one day of sunshine during our November visit to Paris so we could visit the city's new 30-million euro park along the Seine. The new waterfront includes a park, climbing structure, hopscotch and race track.  A chalk wall, a floating barge, zen garden and many food trucks.  My favorite part is the private party rentals options... shipping containers and tee-pees!  How fun would it be to celebrate your birthday in a tee-pee with your closest friends along the Seine?!


After our stroll along the Seine, we stumbled upon Photoquai, a free photography exhibit which some of us enjoyed and some of us slept through.  Bijou managed to talk me into waiting in the two-hour line to ride the elevator up in the Eiffel Tower to the observation deck.  With Wilder deeply snoozing in the stroller, I couldn't say no.  Especially after her confession, "Mommy, it has always been a dream of mine!"  She knows how to work it.  The view from the top was well worth the wait.  The part I had not anticipated, Wilder sleeping a full 2 hours in the stroller (typically a stroller nap is no longer than 45 minutes) and me having to wake him up when it was our turn to board the elevator (no strollers allowed).  He made me pay the price for the early waking by throwing a 30-minute tantrum on the observation deck clearing an entire side of the tower.  Clearly, it made the outing a very memorable one.