Paris with Kids- part 1

Well you win some and you loose some when in comes to selecting a place to stay on vacation.  This time I booked an apartment in the upcoming neighborhood of Paris called SOPI (South of Pigalle).  The neighborhood was scattered with sex shops which Bijou loved to point out, "Look Mom... A SEX SHOP!"  The neighborhood Metro stop seemed to be packed at all times of day making it especially stressful when you are trying to squeeze onto a packed train with three kids and two collapsed strollers.  On top of that, I thought I was renting a one-bedroom with a separate twin bed in a closet but it ended up being a studio.  There were enough beds for the 5 of us, but being in one room was a test to our patience and making myself tired every night at 8:30pm was a challenge.  Anyway, our daily outings certainly made up for it.

The afternoon on the day of our arrival we planned an outing to Place des Vosges, "one of the prettiest squares in Paris."  I'd have to agree but the overcrowded play structures did not win over the hearts of our kids.  Our next stop was Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature.  It was a beautiful museum tucked away off the beaten path with few crowds and no line to get in, bonus!  The kids loved the taxidermy and vintage guns and the security guards were quite friendly and easy going about all the touching.