Amsterdam with Kids- part 1

Okay, I was a bit optimistic in my last post (2 weeks ago) that I might actually manage to blog while we were off on our fall vacation.  So... delayed, but here nonetheless, is my recap of our trip to Amsterdam.   

First, let me say, we LOVE Amsterdam!  In many ways, it was reminiscent of our home city, San Francisco. Add in the darling canals and dare I say, even better.

Part of what made this trip great, was out perfect apartment.  We never stay in hotels anymore due to the fact that we have three kids so I always try to find us a place via VRBO.  Here is a link to the apartment we rented in the Jordaan neighborhood. 


The apartment is located along a picturesque canal and walking distance to a park, cafes, restaurants, etc and a tram stop just a block away.  It was a cozy fit for us with the kids on a bunk bed in a walk-in closet but the gigantic bathtub and location certainly made up for it.  The owner was super kind and even brought over a few snacks from his own home to tide us over on our night of arrival.

It is an amazing opportunity to be a short flight away from so many amazing European cities.  Just 200 euros and 1-1/2 hour flight brought us to the city from Bordeaux, France.  We plan to take full advantage and see as much as we can in the year that we are here.  

The week started off with just Wilder, Bijou and I and we were joined by Eero and Doug halfway through the week.  The twins needed a break from each other and after months of fighting it was touching to see their embrace and excitement after being reunited after 4 days.