Amsterdam with Kids- final post

Our final day in Amsterdam coincided with a Code Orange storm that devastated parts of England, The Netherlands and France.  Fortunately, we were unplugged and completely oblivious to the media's suggestions to stay indoors.  So off we went into the rain and high winds to De Hollandsche Manege.  It's an indoor horse riding arena where you can go observe lessons, pet the horses in the stables and grab tea or a cocktail.  The kids enjoyed it and it wasn't until our walk home we were afraid for our lives.  The tram lines were down so we had to make the 2 mile trek home on foot.  Bijou and Eero enjoyed the adrenaline of it all, fallen trees and sirens.  Wilder fell asleep in the stroller and missed all the action. And despite the woman who stopped me in the street to warn me that I was suppose to be keeping my family safe indoors, I managed to snap a few photos and videos, annoying Doug in the process.  Perhaps, I'd enjoy a career in photo journalism in the future ;-)