The Comic Book Museum

Eero is my challenging kid.  Every family has one, right?  I'm sincerely hoping most of his behavior occurs because he is three but I feel like I should really prepare myself for accepting him for the way he is and focus on the positive aspects for his personality/  Thankfully, he has those too.  I remember on day 2 of Eero and Wilder's lives, family came to the hospital to visit and Doug and I said, "well, we already know which one is the EASY one and which one isn't."  He has always been this way.  So persistent, always trying to get a rise out of us and basically doing the opposite of what we ask without fail.  His other siblings are all very well behaved so I'm afraid he is beginning to feel like his role in the family is to be the naughty one.  With that said, any opportunity I get to spend some time one on one with him, I savor.  He needs it and so do I.  He is a completely different kid one-on-one.  A little angel.  It gives me hope for the future.

On Wednesdays, the kids don't have school, so I took Eero to the comic book museum in Angouleme.  It was a beautiful museum and we enjoyed reading TinTin and watching Popeye episodes on the TV.  Eero also made his own comic on one of the computers about a panda and a guitar and had only one small freak-out the whole day in regard to a vintage toy display that was for looking, but not touching.  A tough challenge for any kid I'm sure.  The highlight was the Spirou exhibit and the free cardboard hats they handed us upon check-in.  The whole day was a good reminder of how important these Mom/son dates are to us.