Lavender Headdress

We have a beautiful patch of lavender growing in our front yard.  Ooh, the endless possibilities... lavender satchels, lavender lemonade (which was a total doozy, I need to make some extreme adjustments to my recipe), lavender sugar body scrub, or a birthday headdress!

Bijou celebrated her 8th birthday this past weekend with a few new friends from school coming over for a sleepover.  It was her first sleepover party and it may take me a few years to recover from.  Just kidding, in all seriousness, the only tears at bedtime (11pm-ish)  were from the birthday girl herself.  I think the late night made her behavior completely irrational and out of character for her.  An added stress for the evening was that she had to play the roll of interpreter for her new friend Florian, who does not speak any english.  My french is coming along slowly and I am always finding excuses for my studies.  I should be practicing my Rosetta Stone now :-/


Supplies: about 50 strands of lavender with 8" stems & gardening wire.

To Make: 

In three strand bunches wrap the wire around the stem from bud to end. 

Stagger the bunches and consolidate using more wire to  gather the bunches together into one long row. 

Affix the two ends with more wire. 

You can add single strands of lavender at the end to any bald spots by just tucking it in between the wires or clip any lavender from any heavy spots.