A Pinecone Mobile

It is kind of weird moving into another person's house, with their stuff, and living there for an entire year.  The shipping costs are big between the US and France so it doesn't make sense to buy too many knick knacks or decorative items since we'd have to leave them behind.  Also, with neither of us working we are on a budget, which we already broke the first month we were here.  So in my crafty spirit, I am making a few things for our house with items found laying around.

Next to the wood burning stove I found a big basket of pinecones.  On top of the cooking rack in the kitchen, a spool of twine.  In the barn, alongside the firewood, a bundle of kindling sticks.  Voila!  A pinecone mobile was born!  It hardly needs any how-to instructions.  Simply tie some twine around the bottom of a few pinecones.  Affix the twine to the twig with double knots and hang it on a nail in your wall.  There you have a simple new piece of fall decor!