Amsterdam Bound


Ugggh!  I just typed a long post, stepped away for a minute and forgot to save, only to come back to find the post gone. So frustrating!

Anyway... the short of it is I'm heading to Amsterdam later today with Wilder and Bijou for 9 days.  I've never been to Amsterdam before and am super excited to check the city out.  We've rented an apartment via VRBO along one of the canals and I'm crossing my fingers the rain stops for at least one day so I can rent a bike with a big bucket in front for the kids to sit in and ride around like a local for a day. 

Doug and Eero are vacationing in Bordeaux instead, the boys needed a break from each other. This is the first time we have taken separate vacations so let's see how it goes.  While I'm away I plan to try out a new blogging technique posting about our trip via the Squarespace app and posting in real time.  Let me know what you think. 

We are going to miss this beautiful countryside (no filter in the above photo just an amazing sunset adjacent to the above landscape) but this city girl needs a city fix ;-)

Thanks for following along our adventures!