My Confusion About French Dryers


On a cloudless day in October, which can be rare, I cleared my schedule and made washing linens the top item on my to-do list.  Why?  Because the dryers in Europe SUCK!  As one would expect, there is not much to complain about while living in France.  Great food, amazing architecture, beautiful language, relaxed attitude, the list goes on...

So I'm completely stumped when it comes to the crappy dryers.  French people, please weigh in on this.  They don't dry towels or linens.  They just sort of steam them.  After about 2 hours, you can successfully dry a small load of clothes.  However, if you have a bunch of pants or long-sleeved shirts, forget it.  The dryers seem to turn one direction and then switch every minute or so quickly knotting everything in it into one big ball of steamy warm and wet clothes.  You also have to empty this water tank thing after each load which is an extra laundry step I'm not used to. 

Clearly, better dryer technology exists.  We have it in the US.  So why not here?  Perhaps, something to do with the electrical resources?