Fig & Brie Grilled Cheese

I know, another recipe displaying my weakness for the bread and cheese in France.  It's a good thing my mind has had the enthusiasm for those workout apps on the iPad too.  Although, I was throughly annoyed when Doug gloated that he had lost 10 pounds since living here.  He clearly was born with a different metabolism than me.  We have more or less been eating the same thing and I'm pretty sure I've gained a few.  Anyway, life is short, so here is my delicious but not-so-healthy recipe...


- 2 thick slices of brioche
- a few slices of brie cheese
- 1 Tbsp of fig jam
- a few sprigs of thyme, remove the leaves and discard the stems

 1 pat of butter


To Make

Spread the brie on one slice of brioche, the fig jam on the other.  Melt the butter in a pan with the thyme leaves.  Grill the sandwich in the melted thyme butter over low heat until the cheese is warm and melted in the center.